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Be a maker!

Why work at Aegislabs

We work on flat, small teams, each with decision-making authority, and our people have the freedom to approach, own, and solve problems creatively.

Prepare to challenge and be challenged on a daily basis. Aim for extensive growth and self-actualization opportunities. Take risks, dive into new technologies, boldly attempt to excel at what you do.

Our Culture at Aegislabs

At Aegislabs, we don’t have a list of philosophies to follow and neither do we create airy-fairy formulas to make sense of what we do. Very simply, it comes down to three words – MAKE. CHANGE. MATTER.

Beyond critical thinking and well thought-out strategies, we make things happen by doing. Less talk, more action.

Why change if it’s not broken? Because we believe in making it better, while retaining the same old goodness.

Game changing is what we look for, what we do must make impact.

Benefits and Perks

We're helping you loving your job


Gabung sama kita buat jadi tim kerja terkeren, ever! Di sini kamu akan menjadi bagian dari tim profesional tapi tetap fun dan bersahabat.


Kesehatan kamu tetap jadi perhatian utama kami, kok. Sarana dan kegiatan olahraga menyenangkan kita siapkan untuk menjaga kesehatan kamu. Stay health and strong!


Kamu sakit? Jangan takut,kita menyediakan pelayanan medis untuk bantu kamu dapet penanganan kesehatan.


Semua kebutuhan penunjang pekerjaan kamu, kita siapkan di sini.


You are what you eat. Kita menyediakan makanan sehat dan enak untuk menunjang kegiatan kamu biar tetap semangat saat bekerja.


Be fun! Yuk gabung sama kita dan have more fun more than ever!

Open Positions

Internship Opportunities

Powered by Aegis Academy, our internship program is focused on building intern's skill and professional capacity.
During internship period, your will go through one-on-one professional development training with a management coach, who will support you in achieving specific personal or professional goals. Whether you are developing skills, navigating challenging situations, or figuring out career moves.

Aegislabs is committed to promoting a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion and is proud to be an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.

We recognize and appreciate this diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. We are committed to creating and maintaining workplaces, classrooms, forums, and more that are free of judgement, bias, or discrimination.

All are welcome, all are supported, all are respected.